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Software / Systems Engineer
GUIs - Java / Windows / Tk
Rapid Application Development / OO design

Seasoned software and systems engineer with broad experience and an interdisciplinary background. Demonstrated ability to absorb information, identify and solve problems, create user interfaces, models or simulations, mediate, write and speak publicly. Adaptable, detail-oriented team player who has worked on projects from conception through implementation to delivery and support.

Linux / Unix Java (Visual) C++ Perl/Tk HTML / XML Fortran Forth/PS Clearcase
Windows Swing VB.NET PHP / MySQL / LAMP JavaScript Visual Test DOORS

Secret Clearance received Oct 2008


Raytheon Company, MA
Software Engineer
- Technical Services Company - ongoing

  • Leveraged NetBeans RCP for foundation of training management system.  Designed and implemented UI and auto-tuning mechanism.  Resolved web service Java/WCF interop problem with Axis.
Senior Software Engineer - Integrated Defense Systems - 3 years
  • Identified and solved scaling problems in the Global Capabilities Integration Modeling and Simulation (GCIMS/JFIRES) project.  Created data visualization and database browser tools.
  • Created infrastructures and code for rapid development projects.
  • Jumped into debugging the Zumwalt threat-tracking subsystem (MDTS).  Solved outstanding bugs, improved the debugging environment, simplified the code base and reduced SLOC.
MIT Kerberos Consortium, Cambridge MA
Lead Software Engineer
- Kerberos for Windows
  • Responsible for customer and vendor interactions, determining requirements, as well as product development, maintenance, testing, packaging and delivery.
CA (formerly Computer Associates), Framingham MA
Senior Software Engineer - eTrust Anti-Virus Group
  • Ported new eTrust code from Windows to Linux, HPUX, Solaris and OSX.   Extended CA's legacy Windows emulation framework.   Debugged tricky multi-threading, Windows/Unix portability and client/server problems in both the new and legacy code.
Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, Digital Equipment Corporation, MA
Principal Software Engineer - Server Management / Alpha Systems Division - 4 years
  • Designed and implemented new multithreaded server management user interface in Java and Swing. Copied Windows Explorer paradigm to display arbitrary numbers of servers, their logical (sub)partitions and consoles. Enabled remote access with Tomcat, XML and web services - one or more rooms full of servers can be managed from a single point anywhere on the intranet. Advocated for and implemented usability features and flexible display options.
  • Took over development, maintenance and support of initial server management Console (SMC). Selected commercial installer (WISE) to improve professionalism of product.

Principal Software Engineer - Alpha Migration Tools / Alpha Technology Solutions - 12 years

  • Wrote, modified and ran web-intensive benchmarks on Alpha Linux.
  • Created internal and external Alpha Linux resource websites and their content. Wrote PHP and perl scripts and extensively modified and tailored commercial scripts.
  • Designed and implemented Windows NT DVD player GUI and DVD virtual machine. Responded rapidly to changing requirements as deadlines approached.
  • Key contributor to the pioneering technology of binary translation, which enables executables from a source architecture to be executed on a target architecture without source code or human intervention.
  • Principal developer of front ends of three binary translation tools to port to Alpha -- from VAX/VMS [DECMigrate], X86/Win16 prototype and Sparc/Solaris [Freeport Express]. Intimately familiar with machine code parsing, architectural issues, flow analysis, optimization, cross-OS compatibility and jacketing, virtual machine runtime environment, object oriented design methodology and C++.
  • Contributed to all life cycle phases of DECMigrate and Freeport Express.
  • Automated testing of FX!32 [X86/Win32 to Alpha VMS] with Visual Test and shell scripts.
  • Recruited college students by working at job fairs, giving technical talks and information sessions and interviewing on campus.

Principal Software Engineer - Advanced Vax Systems Engineering - 6 years

  • Designed and implemented an Alpha instruction accelerator in VAX 8800 microcode. Alpha VMS was booted on a VAX using this tool.
  • Project Leader. Supervised implementation and documentation of a register-transfer behavioral model of a new VAX CPU. Developed high level language approach that would run faster and be easier to implement and maintain, and sold it to management. Staffed group, brought it up to speed and provided technical guidance.
  • VAX 8800 Console software project leader. Developed solutions to new issues raised by one console controlling a multiprocessor, working within the constraints imposed by the chosen console hardware. Presented the new concepts and interacted with a variety of groups, striking a balance between conflicting demands. Implemented parts of the console software. Delivered software package on time for proto debug. Maintained & modified software, responding to changing requirements, through debug and FRS (4/86).

Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Cambridge MA
Technical Staff - 6 years

  • Produced complete software support package for a 2901-based fault-tolerant multiprocessor. Wrote and debugged operator's console application for a Z8000-based triple modular redundant industrial controller.
  • Designed and implemented of new capabilities of the in-house CAD system. Anticipated future requirements of the CAD system and increased efficiency and throughput. Interfaced between users, engineering, software, and management. Secret clearance.

Childrens Hospital Medical Center, Boston MA
Consultant - Rehabilitation Engineering Center / The Gait Analysis Laboratory - 6 years
Designed and implemented an interactive data acquisition system for analyzing abnormal gait. Worked closely with doctors, technicians, and therapists to understand requirements and problems to be solved.


Web Technologies WPI. Final project: in IIS / ASP.NET in 3 days. 2004
MSME MIT. Thesis topic: Modern Control System for an Artificial Pancreatic Beta Cell. 1981
BS (Mechanical Engineering) MIT. Thesis topic: Mechanical Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitator. 1976


Currency arbitrage (1963)
3rd grade math tutor program where student 'teaches;' program makes mistakes (1970, Basic)
Neural-net style random pronouncable text generator (1972 APL)
HP-35 calculator and extensions (1973-1978 FORTRAN)
FORTRAN Renumberer (1976 FORTRAN)
Virtual memory system, recursive FORTRAN, and APL (1978 FORTRAN)
Adventure-style natural language recognition (1978 FORTRAN)
Multiple execution threads in one process (1984 BLISS, MACRO-11)
S&P500 Probability Density Function generator (1986, 1991 FORTRAN)
Real-time syntax checking editor (1987 TPU)
MIPS R2000 (RISC) instruction level simulator (1988 BLISS, MACRO-32)
Blackjack trainer (1994-5 Win32, Borland C++, OWL, ProtoGen)
Concentration for 3 year olds (1999, Win32, VC++, MFC)
Math tutor redux (2005-20011, VB.NET) (2005-present, Linux, Apache, MySQL, php)